General Provisions
  1. Purpose

    JuiceBot is a pioneering Telegram bot for cryptocurrency trading and staking on the Ethereum blockchain, offering gamified leaderboards and rewards. It facilitates the buying, selling, exchanging, and staking of cryptocurrency tokens, including its proprietary token (JUICE). Users engaging with JuiceBot through www.JuiceBot.App and related channels agree to these terms, acknowledging that transactions with JUICE tokens or any other tokens traded do not establish a direct contractual relationship with JuiceBot. A formal service agreement is established upon user account registration under these terms. DISCLAIMER: JuiceBot is not an investment platform nor does it provide investment advice. It offers a platform for cryptocurrency trading and staking. The potential benefits discussed relate solely to the use of JUICE tokens or third-party tokens, without implying investment advice or recommendations.

  2. Terms and Conditions and Other Documents

    Users must adhere to these terms when using JuiceBot's services, accessible on the JuiceBot website. Acceptance of these terms is mandatory for using the platform, and all relevant documents are provided electronically for easy access and storage.

  3. Interpretation of Provisions

    The headings in these terms are for organizational purposes only and do not influence the interpretation of provisions. References to documents include amendments, and the terms used herein have specific meanings, with information on the JuiceBot Platform serving as interpretative aid.

  4. JuiceBot Tokens (JUICE)

    Users confirm their independent action and legal acquisition of funds for platform use. JUICE tokens are not financial instruments or investment products under EU or local legislation.

  5. User Representations

    Users acknowledge the speculative nature of acquiring JUICE or other tokens on the platform, establishing relationships exclusively with service providers, including trading bots and decentralized applications. Users confirm they are not acting on behalf of restricted parties in token distributions.

  1. JuiceBot: Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency Trading platform(s).

  2. Platform: The website www.JuiceBot.App and its subdomains.

  3. Users: Individuals or entities engaging with the Platform, subject to legal and professional competencies.

  4. Account: User-specific access and competencies on the Platform, including authorization data.

Access and Use of the Platform
  1. Platform Access: Users are granted access rights under these terms, subject to compliance with all conditions and restrictions against unlawful use.

  2. Forbidden Content: Users must not post illegal or harmful content. JuiceBot reserves the right to remove such content and take necessary actions against violations.|

  3. External Services and Content: JuiceBot is not responsible for external links or services, and users access them at their own risk.

Gamified Leaderboards
  1. Overview: JuiceBot features gamified leaderboards rewarding users for various actions. Rewards are discretionary and subject to change.

  2. No Expectation of Rewards: Users should participate without expecting rewards, which are provided at JuiceBot's discretion and may change.

  3. Changes to Leaderboards: JuiceBot reserves the right to modify leaderboard criteria and rewards without notice.